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Craigslist Minneapolis

Unique Things to Find at Craigslist Minneapolis

Craigslist Minneapolis can be a great place to find everything you need, from property or housing to job and vacancy. You can also find services as well as communities. You can find people with similar interests, such as volunteers, childcare, musicians, local news, groups, and so much more.

The Unique Trait of Craigslist

If you access Craigslist, be ready to be amazed. I mean, it never stops to amaze you. It offers flexible service. You can find home rentals, trinkets, and tickets, and just about anything. Basically, if you can’t find the one you are looking for elsewhere, try finding one at Craigslist. Many people have associated Craigslist with being unsafe and risky, but you have to admit that the site is simply functional. If you can ‘filter out’ the shady vendors with the honest ones, you are still able to access it.

Unique Things You Find at Craigslist Minneapolis

You need to know that each Craigslist (in each city) would be different from one another. Sure, they are all Craigslist that offers the same brand name. But let’s not forget to factor in the people, lifestyle, and different preferences.

Each city has its own unique feature. You’d be surprised to know that there are several unique stuff that is only sold in certain areas of Craigslist, and such a thing also applies to Craigslist Minneapolis. What are they?

  • Nordic Track Vintage ski machine. This was trendy stuff. The keyword is ‘was’ – if you lived 20 years ago. If your parents turn out still keep this, then you can ask them. This is one of the most difficult and also most challenging workouts that most people need to figure out. And the reason why it’s not popular anymore is because of its huge size, which can take up around half of the apartment.
  • Chevy van center console – from the 90s. If you still have a 90s style Chevy van, and you need a center console for your ride, then you can consider buying this stuff. You probably think that it’s useless or it’s worthless, but you’ll never know!
  • Oversized shoe rack. If you have been to Target or the shoe store and see this shoe rack, you get the idea. This rack is advertised for the walk-in closet. It’s pretty fancy, huh? Plus, you have the chance to always stock in your shoe collections with this kind of shoe rack!
  • American Guinea hogs. It’s not the first time that you can get unusual and even ‘exotic’ types of animals from Craigslist. In the Minneapolis listing, you can even buy a hog. Be advised, though, that a hog can grow to at least 150 lbs, with the heaviest one would be 300 lbs. Let’s not forget to discuss it with your landlord.
  • Vending machine. Think of it: Your own vending machine! You can have tons of joy and fun with it. You can even use it to get extra bucks, but be sure to pay attention to the regulation before buying one.

All in all, there is never a dull moment with Craigslist. And if you want to enjoy another unique feature of Craigslist Minneapolis, feel free to check-in and see another unique thing at